Best parakeet bird cages

Parakeets are intelligent, active birds. They need plenty of room and stimulation to live a happy life. Exercise is a necessary part of their daily routine. Therefore, plenty of space is crucial when searching for the best parakeet cage. A large cage provides adequate room to sporadically place interesting toys and mirrors to entertain your feathered friend.

The parakeet cage must be adaptable to your home environment, so take the available space in your home into account before purchasing. There are many options, but it is often hard to choose the best parakeet cage to fit your needs. Following are reviews of the ten best parakeet cages and how to determine the one most advantageous for your household.

A Parakeet’s Preference

A large cage is an ideal home for an average-sized parakeet. The minimum cage size recommended is 20 inches long by 18 inches deep by 18 inches wide. Cages this size or smaller should be considered transition cages rather than permanent housing.

Parakeets can live a long life, up to twenty years, depending on their living conditions and quality of life. A large cage and plenty of entertaining, stimulating pieces are the keys to your parakeet’s ability to thrive.

Toys & Entertainment

Trinkets provide mental stimulation; they range from small mirrors and brightly colored shapes to perches and bungee ropes. Parakeets are similar to children in the way that they are curious creatures. Seeing their reflection and ringing small bells will entertain them for hours at a time. They also enjoy climbing, so the bars on the cage need to be safe, sturdy, and checked for any areas their feet or wings could get stuck in.

Social Needs

Being social is critical to a parakeet’s happiness; they love to be around people and interact with their owners. When searching for a birdcage, keep in mind, it will need to be in a common area of your home (not the kitchen, fumes can harm the bird). An ideal location would be a living room or den where the family gathers daily to satisfy the parakeet’s social needs. These areas will also satiate its preference for average home temperatures. If you have a specific style preference or need it to fit in a unique space, you may need to look into custom bird cages, though they can be costly.

Ten Best Parakeet Cages on Amazon

1. HCY’s 39-Inch Parakeet Cage

HYC 39 inch Parakeet Cage

This basic cage is strong enough to keep your pet safe and secure with polyester and metal wire as the material. Only one bird is appropriate for this cage; the size is not ideal for multiples. The enclosure can be a bit unstable, so it must be on a solid foundation.


  • Multiple accessories included
  • Easy set-up and assembly


  • Unsteady depending on the surface set upon
  • No stand or wheels, limited mobility
  • Small size
HCY, Bird Cage, Parrot Cage 39 inch Parakeet Cage Accessories with Bird Stand Medium Roof Top Large Flight cage for Small Cockatiel Canary Parakeet Conure Finches Budgie Lovebirds Pet Toy
  • 【Birdies' amusement park】 This bird cage comes with two parrot bungee rope, and a ladder that is made of metal wire and polyester, strong enough to withstand the bites from your pets. This bungee can develop birds' coordination and balance skills. This parrot cage can be both a sweet home and a playground for your lovely birds.
  • 【Safe and secure】 Each door has arc-shaped wires to prevent birds from opening the door; A fully painted cage with a smooth surface, 4 polished wooden perches and 4 eco-friendly feeders offer your lovely birds a safe and healthy environment; 2 buckles to secure the bottom tray to the parakeet cage.

2. BestPet’s 64-Inch Open Top Bird Cage

BestPet Bird Cage Parakeet Cage 64 inch Open Top

BestPet’s large, open-top birdcage is an ideal living environment for your parakeet. There is plenty of room for your bird to fly around and exercise. The many doors make cleaning convenient and easy, and the opening top lets your bird perch above its cage! Not only does this cage have all the must-haves for a parakeet, but the storage shelf on the rolling stand is also a helpful addition to keep your bird’s items organized and easily accessible.


  • Few negative aspects
  • Open-Top Feature
  • Convenient storage shelf


  • Unsteady wheels
  • Metal rusts within a few months
BestPet Bird Cage Parakeet Cage 64 inch Open Top Standing Parrot Cage Accessories with Rolling Stand for Medium Small Cockatiel Canary Parakeet Conure Finches Budgie Lovebirds Storage Shelf
  • 【STURDY CONSTRUCTION】our birdcage made of the highest-quality iron frame with a black powder paint to make the 64inch bird cage sturdy and durable. the parrot cage with 4 caster wheels at the bottom, easy glide non-marking casters allow for conveniently simple movement to and from any room, saving you effort and decorate your living room.
  • 【SAFE & EASY TO CLEAN】Bird cage with a button lock on the front door can keep your smart birdies safe in a cage while the lock design is very easy for pet parents to operate. You can easily lift and move the cage by holding the two handles on top. Each front door has two small entrances, which are specially designed for your little friends. Pull out tray and removable grate for convenient cleaning. The fence at the bottom prevents birds from walking in their excitement.

3. Yaheetech’s Open Top Bird Cage

Open Top Medium Small Parrot Parakeet Bird Cage for Lovebirds

The Yaheetech Open-Top birdcage has many more features than its competitors. This cage is for a few small birds or no more than two medium-sized birds. The unique style will add an eye-catching addition to any room and is easily movable via its wheels or two carrying handles located at the roof of the cage. Most standard cage accessories come included(swing, four wooden perches, and four plastic food and water dishes).


  • Lightweight
  • Unique style
  • Open-Top Feature


  • Only basic accessories included
  • Complaints of bar spacing issues for smaller birds
Yaheetech 64-inch Play Open Top Medium Small Parrot Parakeet Bird Cage for Lovebirds Finches Canaries Parakeets Cockatiels Budgie Parrotlet Conures Bird Cage with Detachable Rolling Stand
5,360 Reviews
Yaheetech 64-inch Play Open Top Medium Small Parrot Parakeet Bird Cage for Lovebirds Finches Canaries Parakeets Cockatiels Budgie Parrotlet Conures Bird Cage with Detachable Rolling Stand
  • 🐦【Functional Open Top】 The open-top design comes in handy when you need a decent outside-the-cage place for your birds to stretch their wings. Open the top doors and use a perch to keep then stay, then your avian friends can have a comfortable place to stand outside the cage.
  • 🐦【Sweet Home for Small Birds】This cage measures L18” x W14” x H64”, and a bar spacing of 0.4". It can be sweet and safe home for small birds like budgies, canaries, lovebirds and finches.

4. ZENY’s Wrought Iron Medium Bird Cage

Bird Cage with Rolling Stand Wrought Iron Pet Bird Cage Parakeet

ZENY’s wrought-iron birdcage is equipped with multiple doors and plenty of extra storage space to ensure the comfort, health, and longevity of your bird(s). The wrought-iron material prevents rust as time passes. This sturdy cage comes with over fifteen accessories to enhance the environment. The slick-proof wheels will prevent marks on your floor. These wheels also have a convenient easy-glide technology that allows for effortless movement.


  • Easy to move from room to room
  • Sturdy iron structure
  • Spacious
  • Trinkets included
  • Non-scuff wheels


  • Unclear instructions
  • Two people necessary for set-up
  • Some materials not used upon completion on cage assembly
ZENY 59.3 Inch Bird Cage, Rolling Wrought Iron Parrot Cage with Side-Out Tray, Storage Shelf, Pet Bird House for Parrot Cockatiel Cockatoo Parakeet Macaw Finches
  • 【360° Swivel Casters】-- 4 strong swivel casters mobility and stability, easy glide non-marking casters allow for conveniently simple movement to and from any room. The lockable design could fix the cage in specific area which makes the cage more safe and stable
  • 【Large Space for Fun】-- Overall Size with Stand: 14.3"(W) X 18.3"(L) X 60.2"(H) Large bird cage features with 0.4'' bar spacing to keep your birds safe in the cage; 3 wood perches are included for birds to sit on and play.

5. Topeakmart Large Bird Cage on Wheels

Topeakmart Large Parakeet Bird Cage on Wheels

This Topeakmart birdcage is available with or without the rolling stand. If you have a permanent spot in mind, you may benefit from ordering the cage alone. This cage comes with all standard accessories and features a unique roof design that gives your birds a hiding spot at the top.

The roof does not open, preventing an accidental escape. This cage is considered a large size but is narrow. The width is compensated with extraordinary depth, giving you unique options where to place the accessories.


  • Roof design provides privacy for birds
  • Easy-access feeder doors
  • Space-saving design
  • Optional stand


  • Narrow in width
  • Some customers mentioned the cage needed a few adjustments once completed.
Topeakmart Large Flight Parakeet Cage for 3 Birds
151 Reviews
Topeakmart Large Flight Parakeet Cage for 3 Birds
  • 7 small doors (3 on the side, 4 on the front) are prepared for assembling feeders (included)
  • Large space, simple and thoughtful design makes this bird cage a perfect choice for home, pet stores and pet hospitals

6. Topeakmart 53.7 Inch Birdcage With Stand

53.7-inch Bird Cage with Stand Wrought Iron Construction

This birdcage has the best all-around customer reviews. The Topeakmart 53.7 Inch Birdcage is made of superior materials such as wrought iron, steel, and rubber castor and is entirely lead-free for the safety of your birds. This large birdcage has a convenient rolling stand and storage rack. The few customer concerns are regarding stability while in motion. While moving your enclosure, make sure to secure the cage to the rolling stand.


  • Extra sturdy frame
  • Lead-free
  • Appropriate size for multiple birds
  • Best customer reviews
  • Superior building materials


  • No accessories included
  • Cage may require extra security to attach the rolling stand
Topeakmart 53.7-inch Bird Cage with Stand Wrought Iron Construction Bird Cage for Parrots Cockatiels Conures Parakeets Budgies Finches Birdcage
119 Reviews
Topeakmart 53.7-inch Bird Cage with Stand Wrought Iron Construction Bird Cage for Parrots Cockatiels Conures Parakeets Budgies Finches Birdcage
  • Color: hammered black; Material: steel, plastic; Bar Spacing: 0.4’’; Overall dimension: 24.5 x 17 x 53.5’’ (LxWxH); Cage: 24.5 x 17 x 33’’ (LxWxH); Package includes: 1 parrot cage with stand, 2 perches, 4 feeding bowls, accessory kit
  • Large parrot cage: Spacious cage able to house several small birds comfortably, suitable for families with more than one small/medium birds; also can be a sweet home for sugar gliders, chinchilla and other small animals

7. Vivohome 53 Large Bird Cage With Rolling Stand

Large Bird Cage with Rolling Stand for Parrots Lovebird Parakeets

The Vivohome 53-inch birdcage is large and has widely spaced bars suitable and safe for larger birds. High-quality metals, wrought iron, and low-carbon steel are all used to craft this cage. All paint used is non-toxic and lead-free, making it very eco-friendly!

Vivohome has crafted this birdcage into a sleek, functional design that will satisfy you regardless of your style preference. This specific cage checks all of the boxes when searching for a new house for your bird. It includes an abundance of accessories and is very versatile.


  • Eco Friendly
  • Functional, Considerate design
  • Perfect for medium to large birds
  • High-quality materials


  • No levels, open structure
  • Wide bar spacing, not suitable for small birds
VIVOHOME 53 Inch Wrought Iron Large Bird Cage with Rolling Stand for Parrots Conures Lovebird Cockatiel Parakeets Black
  • STURDY FRAME - This large birdcage is made of high-quality, low-carbon, rust-proof, and waterproof steel, with guaranteed quality and durability; Covered with non-toxic hammer-pattern paint, it gives birds a healthier and safer living environment; The steel frame is stable, with 4 caster wheels at the bottom, so you can move it anywhere you like, saving you effort; It has a perfect anti-escape design, and the latch is firm and safe
  • CONSIDERATE DESIGN - Comes with a large interior space to make your pets enjoy the star-like treatment of a luxury villa; The flat-top gives more free spaces for you to hang various bird toys or to put some potted plants as decoration; Designed with a base frame for ample space of extra toys and room to play; A drawer-type sandbox and mesh shelf are added for convenience and accessibility

8. Gutinneen Wooden Aviary/Birdcage

GUTINNEEN Outdoor Bird Aviary Wooden Large Bird Cage on Wheels

The Gutinneen wooden aviary is the perfect outdoor parakeet habitat. It is made of wood and stainless steel, making it sturdy and durable. This large enclosure is conveniently on four wheels, increasing maneuverability. On the inside, there are multiple levels, a nesting habitat, and perches on each level.

The cage is screened with mesh wire, safe for climbing. If your bird prefers wooden toys, be sure to provide plenty of them; so they avoid pecking at the wooden frame.


  • Mesh wire prevents bugs/unwanted pests
  • Durable wooden and metal frame
  • Spacious and attractive
  • Easily accessible and mobile


  • Some birds peck at the wooden frame
  • Instructions are somewhat unclear
GUTINNEEN Outdoor Bird Aviary Wooden Large Bird Cage on Wheels, Featuring Play Stand, Perches, Nest Habitat, Include Wire Mesh Above Bottom Tray Easy to Clean
  • TRAY & WIRE MESH: Thick Slide Tray makes cleaning feces easily. And the bottom Wire Mesh prevent birds ESCAPEing while you pull out the tray. Also it can protect birds from predator outside
  • MOVE FREELY: Bird house on four Sturdy Stainless Steel Wheels so that you can move the aviary cage indoor and outdoor easily. Asphalt Roof does well in water proof

9. PawHut 44-Inch Hexagon Canopy Flight Bird Cage

Hexagon Covered Canopy Portable Aviary Flight Bird Cage With Storage

The PawHut 44 Inch Hexagon Birdcage is a metal birdcage that brings an abundance of character to your home with its unique hexagonal design while the quality and durable metals ensure the safety and comfort of your bird. The PawHut birdcage has two large doors that allow easy access for feeding and cleaning.

It features six wheels for easy mobility and adds sturdiness, and provides a storage shelf below the cage. The unique design and extra features make this the most extravagant birdcage on this list.


  • Appealing and durable design
  • Six wheels increase mobility
  • Storage shelf


  • Sub-par accessories included (perches, feeder bowls, pullout tray)
  • Closed roof, cannot open
PawHut 44" Hexagon Covered Canopy Portable Aviary Flight Bird Cage With Storage
  • ROOMY BIRD HOUSE: Give your feathered friends the room they need to walk around comfortably, and fully flap and extend their wings. This flight bird cage is spacious enough for several perches, bird food bowls, and toys!
  • CONVENIENT ACCESS: With 2 large doors, you'l be able to easily access your bird'food, water, and the inside area.

10. Yaheetech 69 Inch Extra Large Birdcage

69-Inch Extra Large Bird Cage Metal Parakeets Cage

The Yaheetech Extra Large Birdcage is among the most premium quality birdcages. It is made of the finest metals and crafted to increase durability. This large cage features three spacious levels with various perches and ladders for climbing. These extras are pre-installed for your convenience. Along with plenty of room, this cage will provide your bird with an assortment of stimulation from the toys and bungee rope included.


  • Extra-large size
  • Easy assembly
  • Multiple levels with built-in perches/ladders
  • High-quality accessories


  • Complaints of finicky door locks
Yaheetech 69-Inch Extra Large Bird Cage Metal Parrot Cage for Mid-Sized Parrots Cockatiels Conures Parakeets Lovebirds Budgie Finch, Black
696 Reviews
Yaheetech 69-Inch Extra Large Bird Cage Metal Parrot Cage for Mid-Sized Parrots Cockatiels Conures Parakeets Lovebirds Budgie Finch, Black
  • 🦚 【Extra-Large Wrought Iron Cage】With a large size of 30.3” L x 18” W x 51.2’’ H and a bar spacing of 3/8”, this strong wrought iron cage offers a safe and spacious mansion for multiple birds/small animals. The 3-tier design expands the usable area vertically and creates more spaces for pets to climb and explore.
  • 🦚 【Deluxe Cage For Small Animals & Birds】This huge pet cage can accommodate more than five small to medium birds like lovebirds, conures, parakeets, budgies, cockatiels or small animals like sugar gliders, rats, squirrels, etc.

The Best Parakeet Cage For Your Bird

When searching for the best parakeet cage, you must keep in mind a few key elements. Space is the most crucial aspect of an ideal environment for your parakeet. You must have room to place small mirrors, bungee ropes, and small bells around the cage to entertain your bird and keep them active and healthy.

After reviewing the ten best parakeet cages, the Topeakmart 53.7 Inch Wrought Iron Birdcage is the best parakeet cage overall. This cage is durable, strong, has the best customer reviews, and has manageable faults. The Topeakmart Wrought Iron Birdcage is the perfect home for your parakeet(s).