best dog beds for golden retrievers

Are you searching for the best dog beds for Golden Retrievers? Your furry friend should also benefit from sleeping on high-quality bed, as you do. Picking the best bed for your furry friend can be challenging. However, here is a list of the nine best dog beds for your Golden Retrievers.

What To Look for In a Dog Bed

A Golden Retriever is an active dog, therefore, needs adequate rest. As a pet owner, you can help your dog get its much-needed downtime by ensuring that they have a safe, quiet, and comfortable place to sleep. When buying the best dog beds for golden retrievers you should consider:


You must choose the right size of bed for your dog. The bed should be large enough for it to sleep comfortably in every position. Some beds provide enough space for a dog to curl up, although they can also stretch out their paws, if need be,

Type of dog bed

Dog beds are available in varying shapes and sizes. A round or oval bed with a side is suitable for a dog that frequently curls up, while a mattress bed is suitable for lying flat. Every dog has its preference, although you should give it plenty of options. That way, you will be sure that your dog is comfortable enough.

Material of the dog bed

A dog bed should be adequately padded and designed for a comfortable fabric. The fabric should also be easy to wash. If you prefer a dog bed that you can take outdoors or go with during your adventures, you will need a more robust material. Waterproof material can help to prevent the bed from becoming damp.

9 Best Dog Beds for Golden Retrievers

Big Barker

Big Barker 7

The Big Barker dog bed is specifically designed for large dogs like the Golden Retriever. The bed is packed with many quality foam layers that most dog beds do not have, making it the best dog for big dogs. It’s challenging to find a dog bed that will provide your dog with that extra support. Just as its name describes, the Big Barker is big. The bed comes in large, extra-large, and giant sizes.


  • It is made with therapeutic foam hence comfortable for the dog
  • Provides lots of support for the dog
  • The open cell memory foam allows air circulation, keeping it cool
  • It is designed for big furry friends
  • It does not lose shape
  • Easy to clean


  • Not very stylish
  • Quite costly ($200)
  • Not suitable for small dogs
Big Barker 7" Orthopedic Dog Bed with Pillow-Top (Headrest Edition) | Dog Beds Made for Large, Extra Large & XXL Size Dog Breeds | Removable Durable Microfiber Cover | Made in USA
  • CALIBRATED FOR BIG DOGS: Available in Large, XL, Giant XXL dog bed sizes. Too powerful for small dogs.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN: University of Pennsylvania study data showed less pain, more mobility after using a Big Barker for just 28 days.

Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed

Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge Sofa Removable Cover 100% Suede Mattress Memory-Foam

Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed is one of the best orthopedic dog beds to buy as it has style, comfort, and superior quality. This dog bed is so well made that your dog retriever will love sleeping on it. Fortunately, you can unzip its cover and throw it into a washing machine if you need it clean. You don’t have to worry about it falling apart, and it can last you some years if you maintain it properly.

Even if your Golden Retriever is not older, it’s good to buy an orthopedic bed so it can stay comfortable and well-aligned while dozing off. If your furry friend has arthritis or the joint issues, this orthopedic bed is an excellent way of spoiling it with the support and comfort it needs. Older dogs often have accidents while trying to sleep, and if you are worried about this, you can add a water-resistant piece of fabric such as vinyl on the top of the bed to help preserve and protect this new purchase.


  • It comes with human-grade memory foam to make the sleeping area incredibly comfortable
  • It’s designed with fur and a removable cover that doesn’t soak in water
  • It has a non-skid bottom surface to prevent it from moving around the floor
  • It’s designed with a well-stuffed bolster for extra comfort


  • Although the cover is machine wash safe, sometimes the non-stick surface gets worn off.
Friends Forever Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge Sofa, Machine Washable Removable Cover, Premium Extra Soft Faux Suede Edition, Indoor Calming Couch Mattress With Bolster Rim , Cocoa Brown Large
  • Designed with extra care, your pet's comfort is our priority, Your dog will get a solid night's sleep in this luxurious bed, The cushioned plush poly-fill bolster provides your dog exceptional comfort, even for dogs with joint pain or arthritis
  • Water-resistant liner and human-grade mattress foam, this orthopedic bed has been put to the test proven to be durable and long lasting. It may come with a "new" smell. unbox and air out the product ideally in a well-ventilated area, you can aid using a fan to increase air circulation to expedite the process.

Furhaven Ergonomic Contour & Plush Orthopedic

Furhaven Orthopedic, Cooling Gel, and Memory Foam Pet Beds for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs

As your Golden Retriever ages, it needs an orthopedic bed such as Furhaven Ergonomic Contour & Plush Orthopedic made from premium quality material that will provide an excellent space for your furry buddy to nap easily. Moreover, the Furhaven Ergonomic Contour & Plush Orthopedic has a unique shape that’s designed while keeping any dog requirements in mind. It also offers maximum comfort.

The Furhaven Ergonomic Contour & Plush Orthopedic is suitable for a dog retriever with joint and bone complications because the bed provides improved support to the spine as it rests. Therefore, the Golden Retriever will not toss or roll in bed to get the right and comfortable sleeping position.

If your Golden Retriever is tall and needs a comfortable bed that won’t hurt his joints, you should consider getting him a Furhaven Ergonomic Contour & Plush Orthopedic. It will also allow his skin to breathe properly when the weather is hot


  • It comes with a soft and thin bed cover to enable the dog’s skin to breathe during summer
  • Enhanced durability
  • It comes in various sizes
  • Ideal for summer use
  • It does not allow dust to build-up
  • Easy to clean


  • Unlike other dog beds, the Furhaven Ergonomic Contour & Plush Orthopedic is not chew-proof
  • Rather flimsy
Furhaven XL Orthopedic Dog Bed Two-Tone Faux Fur & Suede L Shaped Chaise w/ Removable Washable Cover - Stone Gray, Jumbo (X-Large)
  • DESIGNED FOR PETS: The bolstered L-shaped corner sofa design promotes ultimate comfort and security, providing high-loft orthopedic cushion support as well as a super cozy nestling and burrowing space for dogs and cats
  • SLEEP SURFACE: The main sleep surface is lined with cuddly soft, plush faux fur, while the supportive bolsters are wrapped in easy-care suede; both materials are gentle on noses and paws for enhanced snuggling and burrowing comfort

Villa Bagel Dog Bed by Majestic Pet Products

Bagel Dog Bed by Majestic Pet Products

If your Golden Retriever curls up before resting or sleeping, you need a Villa Bagel Dog Bed by Majestic Pet Products. This bed comes in various sizes and is suitable for large dogs. If your Golden Retriever always curls into a ball, it will love this bed’s snuggly shape as it is pretty comfortable. It’s also an ideal bed for dogs with spinal alignment problems and can use a bolster to support the neck.

The Villa Bagel Dog Bed by Majestic Pet Products can support a Golden Retriever weighing 45-70 pounds. Many color options are available, such as Navy, Apple, and Storm. The bed utilizes premium loft polyester fiber, with the base having waterproof 300/600 Denier. Cleaning this bed is super easy as you can toss it in the washing machine and wash it in a gentle setting. After washing, air dry it rather than using the dryer.


  • Easy to clean
  • It comes in various colors
  • Made in the USA


  • The sides sometimes become flat
52' Chocolate Suede Bagel Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products
3,379 Reviews
52" Chocolate Suede Bagel Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products
  • Outside Dimensions: 52"L x 36"W, Inside Dimensions: 46"L x 30"W, Bolster: 14"H, Cushion: 10"H. Perfect for oversized dogs 70 - 110 lbs
  • Waterproof Denier Base: Base of round bagel bed is made of waterproof 300/600 Denier for any unwanted accidents or spills

Best Friends by Sheri Calming Donut Cuddler

Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Cat and Dog Bed in Shag or Lux Fur

Golden Retrievers who enjoy furry texture will love this bed as it’s pretty comfortable. If your dog loves snuggling or getting warm in enclosed spaces, you should buy this great product. The dog can even burrow partly into its fur. If your dog requires extra warmth and some cuddly comfort, it will enjoy Best Friends by Sheri Calming Donut Cuddler bed.

This bed comes with three zippers that make it easy to remove the interior cushions cover entirely. The bed’s faux will soothe and calm your pet, and the nylon is rather sturdy hence adding to its durability. It’s easy to wash this bed as you only need to put it in the washing machine and run a gentle cycle. Then transfer it directly to the dryer, running it on low. Ensure that you don’t delay the process of moving it from the washer to a dryer as its fur will mat.


  • Offers support for better sleep
  • Very comfortable
  • It has a versatile design
  • Made of pet-safe materials


  • It may come without adequate padding at the bottom.
Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Cat and Dog Bed in Shag Fur Frost, Large 36x36
  • CALMING DOG BED SUPPORTS BETTER SLEEP: Thanks to its round shape, our high-quality Donut Cuddler cat and dog bed is ideal for pets who love to curl up. The raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support, while the super soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief.
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT: Cozy, flexible, and finished with vegan faux shag fur, our warming luxury dog bed is reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat. Paired with deep crevices that allow your pet to burrow, animals will have full, restful sleep for improved behavior and better health. The uniquely designed CoziLOFT fibers keep their loft for up to 3Xs longer than standard pet beds.


PetFusion Ultimate Orthopedic Dog Bed, Medium Firmness Bolster, Waterproof Liner, Breathable

PetFusion is a popular dog bed that offers above-average quality with a modern design at a cost-friendly price. The bed may not fit the needs of all dogs, but it is pretty broad to suit some like the Golden Retriever. The bed comes with a memory foam base that’s firm enough to retain its shape over time. Compared to other dog beds on the market, this bed has a thicker base hence perfect for dogs with hip dysplasia due to its excellent support.

The bed has a comfortable outer cover, although it’s tough. It’s pretty resistant to tearing and can be removed and machine washed whenever you need to without damage. Moreover, this unique bed has a waterproof lining for protecting the base from accidents. You also get a variety of colors to choose from, including chocolate brown, slate grey, and sandstone.


  • Quite durable
  • Easy to clean
  • It comes with a waterproof protection
  • It has a cooling blanket
  • Its color scheme is modern


  • Not chew proof
  • The zipper is weak
  • Slightly costly than the market average
  • It cannot be placed outdoors
PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed, Orthopedic Memory Foam, Multiple Sizes/Colors, Medium Firmness Pillow, Waterproof Liner, YKK Zippers, Breathable 35% Cotton Cover, 1yr. Warranty
  • PREMIUM COMPONENTS & BETTER HEALTH: (i) The SOLID 2.5 inch MEMORY FOAM in our orthopedic dog bed provides an ultra premium base for superior overall comfort, reduced joint pain (arthritis) and improved health, mobility, & energy. (ii) Comforts as a Calming dog bed for dogs who suffer from anxiety. (iii) Recycled 'green' support bolsters are generously filled. (iv) Durable & comfortable polyester (65%) & cotton (35%) twill
  • SMART DESIGN: (i) Small dog bed base & bolsters provide optimal support, comfort, & security. (ii) Water resistant & tear resistant cover work simultanously with our waterproof dog bed liner. (iii) Non-skid bottom. (iv) Blends in seamlessly with your home. (v) Replacement pet bed covers available separately

The Bark Box Memory Foam Dog Bed

Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed, Plush Mattress for Orthopedic Joint Relief, Machine Washable

The Bark Box Memory Foam Dog Bed is quite affordable for a Golden Retriever. The bed does not skimp on comfort or user experience.

This fantastic bed is designed with a memory gel foam core that is 3 inches and comes with a removable and machine washable cover. The bed also has an anti-slip base to prevent it from moving around.

The bed’s outer cover is removable and can be washed in a washing machine. It’s also water-resistant. You can get this bed in 5 different sizes; therefore, you don’t need to look for another brand if you own other dogs. The seven color patterns give you a wide range of options to choose from.


  • Great value for money as its quite affordable
  • Has gel foam to keep your Golden Retriever cool
  • Relatively stylish


  • Its removable cover isn’t as durable as expected
  • The bed may come a bit smaller; therefore, you should order at least a size bigger.
Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed | Plush Mattress for Orthopedic Joint Relief (Large, Grey)
  • Perfect Size for Your Pup: Our large platform dog bed is 35” x 22” x 3" and comfortably fits breeds like Corgi, Australian Shepard, Bulldog, and other similarly sized dogs up to 65 lbs.
  • High-Quality Comfort: The therapeutic cooling gel memory foam comforts your dog by relieving body aches, joint pain, hip dysplasia, and arthritis.

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

Coolaroo The Original Cooling Elevated Pet Bed

If you live in warm climates, the Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed would be an ideal choice for you as it comes with an elevated design. When you hold your Golden Retriever off the ground, air flows beneath it, preventing the hops Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed, knees, and elbows of your golden from digging into your floor.

The Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed has a breathable fabric to cool the dog. You can use this bed either indoors or outdoors, and it also makes an excellent travel bed. Its fabric is made from materials that can be recycled. You will get this fantastic dog bed in three sizes and five different colors.


  • Quite easy to clean
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Excellent for use during summer
  • Quite affordable


  • It may not be ideal for a golden weighing over 1000 pounds
  • Some dogs may find its elevated design uncomfortable
Coolaroo The Original Cooling Elevated Pet Bed
65,752 Reviews
Coolaroo The Original Cooling Elevated Pet Bed
  • The fabric is crafted from a breathable high density polyethylene HDPE fabric that may help eliminate hot spots
  • The off the ground design promotes increased airflow on all sides of the bed, which helps keep your pet cool and creates low-impact areas to pressure points and joints

Brindle Waterproof Dog Bed

Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed-Removable Machine Washable Cover-4

Brindle Waterproof Dog Bed is one of the best dog beds for Golden Retrievers. This top-quality 4-inch-thick Golden Retriever bed is suitable for use in a pup’s crate.

It comes with waterproof memory foam as an internal encasement protecting the bed’s core from fluids. The cover is removable and can be machine washed. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic and resists dust. You can get it in 6 colors. This premium Golden Retriever bed provides your furry friend with a soft and supportive place for him to sleep. This excellent memory foam bed has an inbuilt entry dip to allow easy accessibility.


  • It’s chew proof
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • The sleeping surface is cool and supportive
  • Lightweight and ideal for traveling


  • Needs some assembly
  • Some dogs may not like its elevated design
Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed-Removable Machine Washable Cover-4 Inch Orthopedic Pet Bed-Joint Relief
  • 4" thick dog bed is made of 2" of conforming memory foam and 2" of high density support foam
  • Zippered cover can be easily removed and is washer/dryer safe


If you have never shopped for a dog bed before, you would think that finding one for the most popular breed would be a walk in the park; however, it is more challenging. There are numerous options out there. Therefore, you must look for a dog bed that suits your Golden Retriever’s needs. Your first choice should be Big Barker, as it evenly distributes your furry friend’s weight evenly across, therefore, offering maximum support. Moreover, it is easy to clean as its machine washable.