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There are many ways to clean a cat’s teeth, but not all of them are safe for your pet. In this guide, we will talk about the different toothpaste options and safety precautions that need to be taken.

Cats need to have their teeth brushed regularly to maintain good oral health and prevent periodontal disease. Cats do not have a natural inclination to keep their mouths clean and could benefit from human help. If you notice the tell-tale signs of periodontal diseases, such as red or inflamed gums, bad breath, or tartar build-up, it is time to start brushing your cat’s teeth.

Brushing a cat’s teeth can be a daunting task for some people because they need to use toothpaste safe for cats. The 10 Best Cat Toothpaste Options on this list should all be safe for your pet.

How Often Should You Brush Your Cat’s Teeth?

Most veterinarians recommend brushing your pets’ teeth at least once each week. However, every veterinarian recommends things when it comes to brushing pets’ teeth that are different. For best results, use toothpaste for cats and brush your pet’s teeth once per day.

What to Look For When searching for a good option:

  1. Make sure the toothpaste is specifically made for cats and not dogs. Dogs have different saliva pH than cats, and some ingredients will burn a cat’s mouth if they ingest it.
  2. Find a toothpaste that does not contain foaming agents, such as sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium Laureth sulfate. These ingredients can irritate your cat’s skin and gums severely.
  3. Toothpaste for cats should not be sweetened with xylitol, which can be toxic for pets that ingest it.
  4. A toothpaste that contains fluoride is beneficial to protect teeth from decay, but do not use a product with more than half of the recommended dose of fluoride because too much fluoride can cause dental disease.
  5. Make sure the toothpaste is not flavored with anything that would be appealing to your cats, such as chicken or fish flavors. Cats like to lick things, and they may ingest too much of the taste and get sick.
  6. Oral hygiene products should be made by a reputable company; this guarantees safety precautions have been taken when formulating oral care products for pets.
  7. As with any ingested product, ensure it is safe if your cat swallows too much of the toothpaste. Read the product information on the packaging or contact a veterinarian before using anything other than regular toothpaste for humans.

Now that you know what features to look out for in a good toothpaste for cats let’s talk about some of the best options available on today’s market. Here are our top ten choices.

The 10 Best Cat Toothpaste Options:

Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer:

Arm and Hammer Dental Kit for Pets - cat Toothpaste

Made from baking soda, this toothpaste is gentle and non-toxic for cats. The Arm & Hammer company has been around since 1867, and they have a vested interest in pet health products. This toothpaste is flavored with a Mint Extract, but it does not contain fluoride.


  • The baking soda is gentle on cats’ teeth and gums.
  • The Cat Litter Deodorizer contains no SLS, which makes it safe for your cat to ingest some of the paste when brushing their teeth.

This product comes in a signature Arm & Hammer red packaging, making it easily recognizable among other brands of toothpaste you may have in your bathroom cabinet.


  • The Mint Extract flavor will not appeal to all cats because they are pretty picky about taste. Keep this in mind if you want to keep your pet’s mouth fresh or oral health at an optimal level or if you need something easy to convince your cat with.
  • The Mint Extract flavor could cause your cat to ingest too much of the toothpaste during brushing, which could lead to stomach upset. If you notice any changes in your cat’s behavior after brushing their teeth with this product more than a few times, discontinue use and see your veterinarian immediately.
  • Arm & Hammer is not as reputable as other companies on our list of top ten best cat-approved toothpaste, so it may be harder to find this brand in some pet stores or at veterinary offices.
Arm and Hammer Fresh Breath Dental Kit for Kittens Cat Toothbrush and Toothpaste with Baking Soda Cat Oral Care Cat Dental Kit for Kittens in Tuna Flavor & Fresh Mint Scent for Cat Teeth Cleaning
  • ARM & HAMMER CAT DENTAL KIT – Are you looking for a cat teeth cleaning solution for your kitten? Look no further than the Arm and Hammer Baking Soda enhanced formula of this cat oral care
  • CAT TOOTHBRUSH & CAT TOOTHPASTE – This cat tooth brushing kit includes everything you need to kill bacteria that causes bad breath in cats and kittens. Freshen breath and eliminate bad cat dental health with Arm and Hammer

Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste:

This toothpaste for cats comes in a gel form with an enzymatic cleaning agent composed of natural ingredients to freshen breath and clean teeth without harsh chemicals or additives that can make pets sick if ingested.


  • The Petrodex company is a reputable organization that designs oral care products specifically for pets, making this product safe for your cat’s health after every use.
  • The enzymatic action of this toothpaste works on tartar build-up
    Plaque and other oral issues can make your cat’s breath foul-smelling.
  • This product is flavored with a chicken liver flavor which will appeal to most cats. Sometimes, they lick their paws, so the toothpaste tasted as “chicken feet” may also encourage them to brush regularly for a healthy mouth.


  • The Petrodex company does not have as much experience as more prominent brands in pet health products. Hence, its reputation is not very well-established among vets or animal product manufacturers. This may be discouraging if you need help from professionals from time to time or would like a more reliable option on the market right now.
  • As with any enzymatic toothpaste for cats, this product does not contain fluoride. You will need to use another type of toothpaste (such as regular human toothpaste) in addition to the Petrodex enzymatic one if you want your cat’s teeth cleaned adequately with fluoride.
  • You should only let your cat ingest some of the enzymatic toothpaste when brushing their teeth so that they do not swallow too much after each use. Make sure there is no change in behavior or appetite afterward.

ZYMOX Toothpaste:

Zymox Oratene Enzymatic Brushless Oral Care Water Additive

Zymox designs medical and pet care products for animals with a focus on antibacterial enzymes. This toothpaste is specifically formulated to fight plaque and tartar build-up while keeping your cat’s mouth healthy.


  • This toothpaste contains the enzyme lactoperoxidase that neutralizes bacteria found in your cat’s mouth, which can cause bad breath, gingivitis, or other oral health issues over time if not treated.
  • The company Zymox has been designing high-quality pet care products since 1979, and many veterinarians recommend this particular product because of its extensive research and development process. It will help kill odorous viruses, fungi, and bacteria found in your cat’s mouth from time to time.
  • The toothpaste comes in gel form and is flavored with a chicken liver flavor. Some cats love the taste of this treat, while it also helps them associate oral care with something they enjoy doing because it tastes good.
  • Many positive reviews have been written about Zymox products by satisfied pet owners who notice their cat’s teeth clean much more manageable after using this enzymatic toothpaste for a few weeks or months.


  • Zymox does not have as much market presence as other more prominent brands, so some pet stores or veterinarians may not carry this specific toothpaste anymore if the company is smaller than others out there.
  • Cats do not naturally like the taste of chicken liver, which means that they may resist brushers or toothpaste being put into their mouth from time to time if they don’t enjoy it. They will have to be trained gently with positive reinforcement and regular treatment before catching on to what you teach them.
  • The gel-like texture of this toothpaste is relatively thick and may not be easy to dispense from the tube if your cat does not like licking its paws. Try getting some paste on your finger instead to make sure you can apply it properly before brushing their teeth each time.
Zymox Oratene Enzymatic Brushless Oral Care Water Additive, 4oz
  • Helps freshen bad breath, clean teeth & remove plaque without brushing; for use in both dogs & cats
  • Simply add our flavorless solution to your dog or cat's drinking water for painless dental care

C.E.T. Intellident Cat Bites:

Dental Care Cat Treats for Healthy Teeth and Gums

These oral care chews are made with all-natural ingredients that remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria while being safe to ingest. Virbac makes this product with no preservatives or chemicals that might harm your animal friend over time.


  • Virbac oral care chews are all-natural with ingredients like chicken meal, fish meal, salmon oil, poultry fat to make them a healthy treat for pets.
  • The chews do not contain any artificial flavors or chemicals that could harm your cat over time.
  • Virbac oral care chews can help remove plaque and tartar from teeth if pets chew on them daily like a treat.


  • Some pet owners were not impressed with the results these chews produced since they did not make much of a difference in their cat’s oral health.
  • Virbac can be costly compared to other brands of pet toothpaste, so only purchase the chews if you are looking for a healthier treat for your animal friend.
  • The lack of preservatives and artificial ingredients in Virbac products may make them less appealing for some pet owners.
Virbac C.E.T. Intellident Cat Bites Dental Care Cat Treats for Healthy Teeth and Gums, Fresh Breath | Chicken Flavor | 90 per Bag
835 Reviews
Virbac C.E.T. Intellident Cat Bites Dental Care Cat Treats for Healthy Teeth and Gums, Fresh Breath | Chicken Flavor | 90 per Bag
  • FEATURING 3-IN-1 DENTAL SUPPORT: Cleans teeth, freshens breath and supports gums
  • HEALTHY FORMULA: contains no artificial preservatives, low fat content and natural flavoring

Virbac B CET Enzymatic Toothpaste:

Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste

The Virbac brand produces its enzymatic toothpaste for cats and other animals that you can use on pets with plaque, tartar, and gingivitis. These products are made in the USA and contain no preservatives or artificial ingredients to keep them safe for regular use.


  • The enzymatic toothpaste from Virbac is fortified with fluoride to help your cat’s teeth stay strong and healthy.
  • The toothpaste comes in a gel formula, so it is easy to apply without making a mess compared to some other options on the market.
  • The toothpaste comes in a gel formula, so it is easy to apply without making a mess compared to some other options on the market.
  • These toothpastes are made with the Virbac brand’s power-end technology to make them longer lasting than some other brands.


  • The ingredient list for many of these toothpaste products contains sodium saccharin, which may not be safe for pets with diabetes or renal problems.
  • This toothpaste can contain propylene glycol, which is difficult to find on the label since it goes by several different names.
  • Some pet owners were disappointed at how little difference these toothpastes made in their cat’s oral health.
Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste| Eliminates Bad Breath by Removing Plaque & Tartar Buildup | Best Pet Dental Care Toothpaste | Poultry Flavor, 2.5 oz tube
  • FOR DOGS AND CATS: Enzymatic toothpaste specifically formulated using an enzyme system for dogs and cats to reduce plaque, freshen breath, and ensure a clean mouth with Poultry flavor pets love
  • SAFE FOR DAILY USE: Includes no foaming agents so this toothpaste is safe for pets to swallow

Hibos Cat Toothpaste:

HIBOS Cat Toothbrush Toothpaste

Hibos is a company that creates its pet products and specializes in oral care and gum health. Overall, Hibos cat toothpaste gets excellent customer reviews and feedback from pet owners. The price of this product for the amount you get may be expensive compared to other brands on this list.


  • Hibos cat toothpaste eliminates bad breath, tartar build-up, plaque build-up, and the bacteria that cause these oral health problems.
  • The toothpaste is made with all-natural ingredients to be gentle for cats without any need for meat byproducts.
  • This product comes in a powder form that can easily be turned into a paste with some water. This allows your cat to get used to the taste before trying a full-flavored toothpaste.
  • Hibos offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with what they purchased.


    • The price for this product is on the higher end, making it more expensive than other brands.
    • Some consumers have found propylene glycol in this toothpaste, which may prevent some pet owners from purchasing it.
HIBOS Cat Toothbrush Toothpaste Dental Care - All in One Kit, Cat Toothpaste in Toothbrush, Cat Tooth Whitening & Cleaning, Cat Oil for Healthy Gums. (1 Count)
  • Quick and Easy – HIBOS Chika-pen is a combination of toothbrush and toothpaste. If you don't want to put toothpaste on your toothbrush and just click on the back a few times like a ballpoint pen, toothpaste comes out of your toothbrush.
  • Soft and Small – The toothbrush is made of soft silicone. It is made at an angle of 45 degrees to protect your precious family's gums and even brush the molars of a small pet.

Vetoquinol Enzadent Enzymatic Toothpaste:

Vetoquinol Enzadent Enzymatic Toothpaste Kit

Vetoquinol is a veterinary-based company that specializes in pet care, and they offer enzymatic toothpaste for cats. This toothpaste comes with the same benefits as most others on this list but includes a brush applicator, a container of topical fluoride solution, and a syringe.


  • Vetoquinol offers all of the same benefits that you would receive from other enzymatic toothpastes, but their package comes with a brush applicator for your cat’s teeth.
  • The topical fluoride solution is beneficial for cats with advanced dental issues because it helps strengthen their teeth.
  • This toothpaste comes in a gel form, which helps prevent it from dripping or spilling during application.


  • The quantity of the toothpaste included is less than other brands, so you may have to reorder if your cat uses it regularly.
  • This product has a somewhat bitter taste that may prevent some cats from using it regularly.
  • Since the toothpaste comes in a gel form, it may be more challenging to apply than a paste-like product.
Vet Solutions Enzadent Finger Brush Kit POULTRY FLAVOR (0.75 oz)
  • Kit includes finger brush and toothpaste with a poultry-flavored enzyme solution for cats and dogs
  • Help eliminate your pet’s bad breath and combat harmful bacterial growth in your cat or dog’s mouth

Virbac Toothpaste:

Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs and Cats

Virbac is a company that specializes in creating its pet care products, and they offer enzymatic toothpaste with the same benefits as most others on this list. Virbac toothpaste offers many flavors to choose from, such as salmon, liver, chicken, and beef.


  • This toothpaste has the same benefits as most other brands, including being made in FDA-approved laboratories.
  • The company provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee to customers who are unsatisfied with what they purchased.
  • Virbac offers different flavored toothpastes suitable for cats and dogs.
  • This enzymatic toothpaste comes in a gel form that easily squirts onto your brush and does not dry out quickly.


  • The price for the quantity of this product may be on the high side compared to other brands.
  • Some consumers have found propylene glycol in this toothpaste, which may prevent some pet owners from purchasing it.

Bluestem Oral Care Paste:

Cat Dental Care Tooth Paste

This toothpaste is a gel-based product that comes in two flavors: Ocean and chicken. The Bluestem oral care paste comes with many of the same benefits other products on this list do, such as reducing plaque and tartar build-up and preventing bad breath. The gel-based formula used for this product ensures that it won’t drip down your cat’s face while being used.


  • This product comes in two flavors, which will help entice your cat to brush its teeth more regularly.
  • This product is a gel-based formula that ensures it won’t drip down your pet’s face if it licks the toothpaste off.
  • The Bluestem oral care paste comes with the same benefits as other toothpastes on this list, including reducing plaque build-up and preventing bad breath.
  • This product is available through Amazon Prime, so you can have it at your door in two days or less after ordering.


  • This product only comes in two flavors, which may not be enticing enough for your feline friend.
  • Since this product is gel-based, it might not be easy to spread compared to other toothpastes on this list.
  • If your cat does not like the taste of either flavor, it will not want to brush its teeth.
Dog Toothbrush and Toothpaste : Chicken Flavor Tooth Paste with Tooth Brush for Dogs & Cats. Teeth Brushing Cleaner Pet Breath Freshener Oral Care Dental Cleaning Kit. Tartar & Plaque Remover Brushes
  • [ FIGHTS PLAQUE AND REDUCES TARTAR ] Introducing a new scientifically formulated toothpaste for dogs and cats with coactiv+ technology from bluestem. coactiv+ is a new formulation of food-grade ingredients. Our toothpaste fights plaque and reduces tartar which improves oral hygiene and freshens breath. This product has also been tested in vitro for it’s effectiveness. *Study available upon request.
  • [ TESTED FOR EFFICACY ] Based on in vitro testing against 7 different pet oral bacteria and in comparison to 4 competitor toothpastes*, bluestem toothpaste was found to be very effective. Study available upon request.

Petsilver Pet Oral Care Device:

PetSilver Teeth Gum Spray for Cats, Natural Dental Care Solution

This device is an electronic toothbrush that helps clean your cat’s teeth by moving the brush head in a back-and-forth motion. The Petsilver Pet Oral Care Device comes with many of the same benefits as other products on this list, but it also includes two soft silicone brush heads for use on your cat.


  • This product comes with two brush heads made of soft silicone, which makes them safe for your cat’s teeth.
  • The Petsilver Pet Oral Care Device offers all of the same benefits other toothbrushes do, including reducing bad breath and improving overall oral health.
  • This device is battery-operated, so you do not have to worry about charging it before each use.
  • This product offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back, making it even more beneficial for consumers.


  • The Petsilver Pet Oral Care Device does come with toothpaste, but it is a gel-form product that many cats find difficult to use.
  • Since the device is battery operated, you will have to replace or recharge the batteries before each use.
  • The brush heads are not as long as other toothbrushes on this list and may not reach your cat’s back teeth.
PetSilver Teeth & Gum Spray for Dogs & Cats, Eliminate Bad Breath, Natural Pet Dental Care Solution, Targets Tartar & Plaque, Clean Teeth Without Brushing, Easy to Apply, Chelated Silver, 4 fl oz
2,302 Reviews
PetSilver Teeth & Gum Spray for Dogs & Cats, Eliminate Bad Breath, Natural Pet Dental Care Solution, Targets Tartar & Plaque, Clean Teeth Without Brushing, Easy to Apply, Chelated Silver, 4 fl oz
  • CLEAN TEETH & GUMS - Naturally, without a toothbrush or toothpaste. Targets plaque and tartar buildup. Can aid with inflamation and sore gums. Support your pet's dental hygiene without chasing your pet with a toothbrush!
  • FRESHEN BREATH - Have you had enough of the bad breath in your face when hugging your furry friend? Then put a stop to dog and cat bad breath. Just spray a few times into your pet's teeth and gums each day to see a dramatic improvement in their mouth health and importantly -- their breath!


What’s the best cat toothpaste overall?

The best cat toothpaste on the market is Petzlife Oral Care Chews. It is the only product that contains all-natural ingredients and does not contain any meat or animal byproducts. These chews also received excellent reviews from consumers, with many pet owners stating that their cats enjoyed eating them. The Petzlife brand is a cheaper alternative to other enzymatic toothpastes on the market.