best gifts for cats

Our feline friends bring affection, joy, and companionship into our lives on a daily basis. It goes without saying that whenever possible, we as pet owners should do our best to make the lives of our beloved animals as fulfilling and enjoyable as we can. With that in mind, here are 23 awesome potential gift ideas for whenever you want to show the furry little members of your household how much you care.

1. Petstages Cat Track Toy

Petstages Cat Toy Circle Track with Moving Balls

This fun toy is built with three levels of tracks, each sporting a little ball that your cat will love batting around with its paws. Tracking, swatting, and chasing the brightly colored balls will bring out the hunting instinct in your feline and keep it occupied for hours. This is a great toy for both single-cat and multi-cat households.

2. Pakoo Interactive Smart Ball

Pakoo Interactive Cat Toys Ball Smart Automatic Rolling Kitten Toys

This electronic, USB rechargeable little ball is a great modern toy for your furry friends. The ball rolls around and changes direction on its own, enticing your cat to chase it all around the room, providing tons of fun as well as great exercise. After 40 minutes of use, the ball will shut down on its own, to give your pet a break and keep the activity from becoming stale.

3. Modern Cat Tree Tower

Modern Wood Cat Tower, Cat Scratching Tree

This ‘cat condo‘ is not only a great structure for your cat to climb, play, and rest, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing for your home. This luxury cat tree includes two very comfy cushions within wicker baskets, a couple of balls on strings for your feline to bat around, and two beautiful wooden trunks holding it all together. The wood also serves as a scratching surface, so your cats won’t be tempted to tear up your furniture.

4. Cat Amazing Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder

Cat Amazing Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder for Cats

This fun, interactive toy provides an exciting challenge for your pet. Cats will enjoy exploring the puzzle within, scratching and sniffing to discover different rewards and treats. You can add and move around your own toys and things for your cat to find, so it’s always a new adventure and experience for the animal.

5. Automatic Laser Pointer Toy

You’re probably aware of how much cats love chasing the light from laser pointers, and this toy offers all of that fun for your feline without you having to put in the effort. The cat-shaped toy automatically moves the laser light around the floor and walls, operating in multiple different patterns and tracks. You can even program the toy with a set schedule so that it automatically will start creating entertainment for your cat.

6. Temptations Cat Treats Variety Pack

temptations classic crunchy and soft cat treats feline favorite

As a cat owner myself, I can vouch for how much your furry little buddies will love these Temptations treats. They come in multiple different flavors, and cats love digging into the crunchy outer layer and the soft goodness within. Not only are these treats delicious, but they’re also low in calories and nutritious for your cat, so you don’t have to be so conservative about giving them out.

7. Cat Window Perch Hammock

Cat Window Perch, Cat Hammock Window Seat,

This comfortable little hammock can be set up in your window, offering your pets a cozy spot to relax and soak up the sunshine. These hammocks are made from sturdy, durable material, and come equipped with soft pads so that your cats can lounge as comfortably as possible. In addition to being a great sunbathing spot, this window perch will also allow your animals to gaze out through the glass and enjoy a view of the outside world.

8. Combination Ball Track & Food Bowl Toy

Multifunctional Cat Food Bowl Kitten Track Toy

Every cat owner knows that there are three things most cats love to do: sleep, play, and eat. With this combination toy and food bowl, your cat will be able to accomplish two of the three at the same time. As they enjoy their meal or snack from the bowl, they can simultaneously burn off calories by chasing and batting around the ball on the track. Talk about a feat of innovation!

9. Pack of Little Felt Cat Toys

Felt Cat Toys Assorted Pack of 6 Toys - Handmade Organic

These tiny little felt toys don’t look like much but rest assured, kittens and cats of all ages find endless entertainment in biting them, batting them around, and chasing them. A lot of the time, they’ll even play fetch with you if you throw them around the house. Buying them in a multi-pack is wise, as their small size presents the risk of them occasionally getting lost.

10. MeoHui Interactive Cat Feather Toys

MeoHui Interactive Cat Feather Toys for Indoor Cats

Cats absolutely love toys that they can chase around, and these feather toys, which are attached to a long string and plastic handle, are a great way for you to get involved in the fun as well. Most cats will go after these feather toys relentlessly for as long as you’re willing to swing them around. The fishing pole design allows you to play with your pet from a long distance, or from a position well above the cat while you dangle the feather toy over them. Eventually, the feathers might get ripped or torn off with regular use, so it’s wise to purchase one that comes with replacements.

11. GiftParty Mushroom Scratching Posts

GiftParty Mushroom Claw Scratching Post for Kitty

Cats love to dig their claws into whatever they can, and if you don’t provide them with some kind of a scratching post, they’re likely to end up ripping up your furniture. Any long-time cat owner has certainly experienced this one time or another. These mushroom-shaped scratching posts allow your cats to scratch to their heart’s desire, and the colorful design will be sure to attract their attention.

12. Hanging Cat Hammock Bed

hanging cat hammock - cat bed indoor cat swing nest cat lover gifts

Not only is this cool-looking hammock a novel and comfortable resting spot for your feline, but it also provides an aesthetic enhancement for your home. Most cats enjoy sleeping more than anything, and they also tend to enjoy climbing and being up in high places. Odds are, they will find this cozy hammock an appealing spot for their next nap.

13. Cat Grass Mug Kit

Perfect Plants Whisker White Cat Grass Mug Kit

If you haven’t grown cat grass in your home before, it’s not only a quick and simple process, but the end result offers a number of benefits for your cat. The seeds don’t require any sunlight and tend to sprout in around four days. Your felines will love chewing on the grass, and it’s excellent for their health to do so. Some of the positive health benefits for your cats include cleaner teeth, improved digestive health, shinier coats, and even stronger bones. This little mug kit is a great way to go about it, as it comes with everything you need in one package.

14. Spiral Ball Toy with Scratch Pad

Cat Kitty Toy Kitten Spiral Play Ball Pet Pole Activity with Scratch Pad

Sometimes, the best kind of toy you can get for your cat is a simple one. This little toy consists of just a scratch pad base and a spiral pole with a mouse toy on the end. No assembly or effort is required on your part, and your cat will be able to entertain itself for hours by batting the mouse and spiral pole around. The toy will always bounce back, encouraging your pet to continue batting and playing with it.

15. Snake Catnip Toys

Snake Catnip Toys-Indoor Cats Snakes Cat Toy Gift for Cat Lovers

These snake toys are every cat’s dream, as they’re made with catnip packed inside of them. The shape of the snake alone is already perfect to attract your cat’s attention, but the added presence of the catnip will send your playful feline into a frenzy. The catnip is 100% organic, and the fabric is high-quality, meaning there’s no risk of it harming or even being uncomfortable for your cat.

16. Multi-Colored Laser Pointer Toys

While the automatic laser pointer toy mentioned earlier is fantastic, sometimes you want to get personally involved in playing with your cat. Why shouldn’t you get to participate in the fun, after all? Your cats will never get tired of chasing the colorful laser lights all over the house, providing them with hours of entertainment and great exercise as well!

17. Big Cat-Shaped Cat Bed

Big Cat Shape House Cat Bed

Regardless of their age or personality, just about every cat out there loves nestling into warm, cozy spots to get their beauty sleep. This cat-shaped bed is filled with comfortable fabric and offers a warm, secluded environment for your furry friends to rest. There’s no doubt that within a few hours of placing one of these in your home, you’ll find your pet comfortably asleep inside of it.

18. Cat Supplies Bamboo Roller Track Toy

Funny Roller Cat Balls Bamboo/ Wooden Cat Toys

As we’ve established, cats love batting balls around and chasing after them. This bamboo track takes it to the next level, as it’s a much sturdier version of the toy and packed with many more wooden balls for your pet to play with. The bamboo is easy to clean, and the balls even roll around faster and more smoothly than they would with plastic, resulting in an even better time for your cats.

19. Smart Pet Treat Dispenser w/ Camera

Smart Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser Night Vision Camera

Isn’t technology amazing? This special cat feeder comes equipped with a high-definition camera, which you can connect to your smartphone. This allows you to manually feed your cat when they approach the bowl, or if you choose, set it up to automatically do so. Additionally, the feeder even comes equipped with a laser pointer that your cat can chase and enjoy.

20. Indoor Cats Tunnel Tube Setup

Cat Toy Balls, Indoor Cats Tunnel Tube

This little cat tube can be shaped and adjusted into different shapes and sizes, so you can set it up to fit your cat’s mood or personality. Your pets will love running through it, lounging inside of it, and playing with toys in and around it. This kind of toy is especially great for a house with multiple cats, as they will love pouncing on one another inside of the tube, or chasing each other through it.

21. Teeth Cleaning Catnip Toy

Gochanmon Catnip Toys Cleaning Teeth Molar Tools

These catnip toys, which are made up of sticks of silverine (a natural plant from southeast Asia), provide your cat with a fun ball to bat around and chew on, which will naturally improve their dental health. These are completely safe, and the catnip will consistently attract your feline to play with and chew on them. Over time, as the outer skin peels off of the silverine, you can simply scrape the layer off with a knife to keep the toy fresh.

22. Electronic Bird Catnip Toy

SmartyKat Chirp Electronic Sound Catnip Cat Toy

This electronic felt bird toy puts a fun twist on the typical catnip-filled cat toy. The bird-song noise is touch-activated and will serve to attract and entice your cat to engage with it. In addition to the sounds, the colorful pattern and smell of the catnip will further interest your feline, and they won’t be able to resist playing with it.

23. Catit Senses Digger Food Bowl

Catit Senses 2.0 Digger Food Bowl

This food bowl is a great way to keep your cat from overeating, and make mealtime more fun and interesting for the animal as well. The cat will have to dig through different tubes to find their food or treats, preventing them from eating at an unhealthy pace and giving them a fun challenge. It should only be used for dry food or snacks, and it’s also very easy to disassemble and clean.

As you can see, you have a wide variety of options when it comes to getting a fun, practical gift for your lovable felines. Our little furry friends make our lives better on a daily basis, so the least we can do is enhance and improve their lives however we can. Make sure you take into account your cat’s individual personalities when choosing a gift, and don’t be afraid to invest a bit of money in making your pets happy, as they deserve it. Happy shopping!