10 Best Dog Ball Launchers

Pet-dog lovers use dog ball launchers for playing the fetch game. This popular pet game strengthens the bond between the owner and the game. Such activities also improve the physique and athleticism of the dog. The ball launch games are also fun and can be used by dog trainers.

The best dog ball launcher are either automatic or manual. Ball launches can range from fifteen to thirty-five feet for automatic launchers. The distance of the manual launchers varies depending on the device in use.

What to Look for in a Dog Ball Launcher

Providing a routine exercise for your dog may prove strenuous, especially when it involves throwing balls. For this reason, it is essential to make evaluations when going for the best dog ball launcher.

Here are some of the considerations to make when deciding to buy a dog launcher.

Manual Launchers

Manual dog launchers are considered the best dog ball launchers for owners with shoulder or arm pains. The advantage of the manual launcher is that it is cost-effective compared to the automatic launchers. The distance coverage of the launch is longer than others.

The disadvantage is manual dog ball launchers require physical effort every time the dog brings the ball back.

Automatic Launchers

The automatic ball launchers minimize the physical strain of having to throw the ball constantly. Advantages of the automatic launcher include;

  • Uses AC power batteries
  • They can be used indoors

The disadvantages include the following;

  • The devices require supervision
  • Batteries are expensive when constantly replaced
  • They are less powerful compared to the manual ball launchers


The cost of manual dog ball launches is less compared to automatic shooters. Prices also depend on how much the dog owner is willing to spend and what they need. Manual launchers are the best if the dog is too energetic and spends many hours fetching balls.

Power Source of the Ball Launch

Sources for the ball launch are either AC, battery, or manual power. The battery power ball launchers can be preferred outdoors, especially on the beaches. One should, however, be keen to check on the battery level constantly.
The AC power launcher is flexible as it can run on batteries. When indoors, you can use AC power to save on the batteries. The manual power source depends on your physical effort.

Dog breed and Ball Sizes

The standard ball size is usually the tennis ball. The size and breed of the dog is a determinant of the ball to consider. Larger dog breeds should fetch more giant balls. The smalls balls can be chewed or become a reason to choke.

Smaller dog breeds should play with the standard size balls.


Always consider a durable launcher. It is advisable to spend on a high-quality launcher that is durable than constantly replacing cheap and low-quality launchers.

10 Best Dog Ball Launchers

The Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster

Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster

The nerf dog tennis ball blaster is one the best dog ball launcher. The barrel is easier to carry, light, and is precise when shooting. Tennis balls can be launched between forty and fifty feet. The nerf ball blaster is easy to use when loading and launching balls. Your shooting power can be easily and quickly adjusted to keep your dog continuously engaged during exercise.

Little effort is required when using the blaster. Owners can pick up balls without having to touch them. The blaster comes in either the regular twenty- or sixteen-inch size balls. Nerf dog tennis blasters are usually FDA approved and are BPA approved.


  • Easy and safe to carry
  • Launch distance is greater
  • Come with the hands-free choice
  • Distance and power are easily adjustable
  • Compatible with up to 2.5 tennis ball sizes


  • The launcher is made of plastic
  • Reset time may take longer between throws

Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy
10,124 Reviews
Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy
  • NERF-TOUGH: Nerf-quality materials make our Large Tennis Ball Blaster perfect for fetch and for teaching your dog new tricks
  • EASY OPERATION: Operating the blaster is as easy as pulling back on the handle, loading the ball, and taking your shot

PetSafe Automatic Ball Shooter For Dogs

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs

The Petsafe ball shooter is among the top-rated automatic power shooters for dogs. The device can use either batteries or electric power. Petsafe shooter is considered ideal for larger dog breeds. Incredibly, dogs can be trained to use it by themselves.

The launcher comes with an incredible 9-setting capacity compared to most 3-launcher settings. Petsafe ball shooter uses the 2.5-inch balls and covers a distance ranging from ten to thirty-five feet. The device plays audio tones before shooting balls, making the dog ready for a fetch run. Supervision by the owner is suggested for safety reasons.

The Petsafe ball shooter is a device that can be used both indoors and outdoors. After every 15-minute playtime, the device automatically pauses to allow for the dog to rest. The automatic pauses create room for bonding and make the game fun and exciting.


  • Availability of a rest feature
  • Adjustments on throwing angle can be made
  • It comes with a one-year warranty
  • Power or battery options
  • Ease of use


  • Quite expensive
  • Delays in reloading
  • Audible tones can be too loud

PetSafe Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher – Interactive Dog Ball Thrower – Adjustable Range – Motion Sensor – Indoor & Outdoor Toy – A/C Power or Batteries – Fetch Machine for Small to Large Dogs , Gray
1,740 Reviews
PetSafe Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher – Interactive Dog Ball Thrower – Adjustable Range – Motion Sensor – Indoor & Outdoor Toy – A/C Power or Batteries – Fetch Machine for Small to Large Dogs , Gray
  • SAFETY: Multiple sensors keep you and your dog safe; a FRONT MOTION SENSOR protects pets and people standing up to 7 feet in front of the launch area and reinforces safely loading balls into the side pocket
  • DISTANCE: Launcher throws between 8-30 feet; has 9 distance settings and 6 angle settings; pull out and twist angle knob and distance knob to adjust the launcher’s range; TURN KNOBS LEFT FOR MAX DISTANCE

Chuckit Launcher

ChuckIt! Sport Ball Launcher

The chuckit dog ball launcher is a manual shooter. Chuckit dog ball launcher is ideal for medium dog breeds and uses 2.5-inch balls.

Chuckit shooter comes in different colors and styles. Dog owners have the option of customizing the launcher to suit their dog’s needs during exercise. The device can launch balls to a distance ranging from 80-110 feet.

Pet parents do not have to worry about picking slobber balls. You fit the chuckit claws over the ball for a firm grip before making the next throw. The launcher is not ideal for indoor use.


  • No need to bend down to pick balls
  • Affordability
  • Standard tennis balls can be used
  • Distance covered by a throw is triple


  • Not automatic
  • Less durable

Chuckit! Classic Ball Launcher, Medium (26 Inch)
  • TENNIS BALL LAUNCHER: Our longest launcher at 26 inches, this dog ball launcher enhances fetch by upgrading throwing speed and distance to challenge dogs to run farther faster. Compatible with ANY Medium size Chuckit! Ball
  • PET TOYS: Get ready for bonding fun with your dogs. Check out a variety of our pet toy products such as frisbees, perches mirrors for birds, prey wand toys for cats, plush toys, light-up interactive toys more

Idogmate Ball Launcher

IDOGMATE Small Dog Ball Launcher- Thrower for Mini Dog

The Idogmate ball launcher is one of the cheapest dog ball launchers. The launcher is ideal for small and large dogs. For larger dog breeds, ‘Idogmate Big’ is recommended. Idogmate ball launcher is automatic and comes with a remote controller from the manufacturer. The design deters high-energy dogs from toppling it over.

Dog owners can launch multiple balls at various intervals. The launcher comes with one of the best market features; balls do not get stuck quickly. Idogmate can throw balls up to 40 feet. The device comes with the option of using lithium-ion batteries or a power plugin. The device is ideal for indoors and outdoors.


  • Capacity to hold numerous balls
  • Throwing distance is adjustable
  • Uses rechargeable batteries
  • Cheap compared to other automatic launchers


  • No existing warranties
  • Standard tennis balls cannot be used
IDOGMATE Small Dog Ball Launcher,Automatic Dog Ball Thrower for Mini Dog (Small Machine with 3 Balls)
  • Made For SMALL DOGS or Puppies -- comes with 3 pcs balls of 1-3/4 inches (2 pcs mini pet tennis balls +1 piece heavy chewy mini pet ball), pet tennis balls do not support heavy chewy. ( If your dog like to chew the balls, please purchase extra iDogmate durable balls which are designed for dogs that like to chew hard and play), If you have a bigger dog, pls see "iDogmate Big" for large dogs.
  • Money saving -- Rechargeable Li-ion Battery support 250shot each full recharging, and the durable and washable ball for both hard chewy and play.

iFetch Too Ball Launcher

iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs

The iFetch Too ball launcher is an improvement of the previous version. The newer upgrade is more significant and can use the standard tennis ball. The larger dogs can also use the model. iFetch Too launcher can adjust to shooting 20 feet, 30 feet, and 40 feet. The upgrade also has a random range feature. Dogs are left curious about the distance the ball can be shot, making the game more fun. IFetch ball launcher can be used indoors and outdoors.

The device is electric-powered with an in-built rechargeable battery. The iFetch too ball launcher comes in handy with a six-month warranty and three tennis balls.


  • Suitable for small and large dog breeds
  • Different ranges for ball throws
  • Extra tennis balls
  • Six-month warranty
  • Easily portable indoors and outdoors


  • Quite costly
  • It comes with low-quality balls
  • Requires a few hours for charging

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs – Launches Mini Tennis Balls, Small,Multicolored
  • MINI TENNIS BALLS: Finally, a toy made for small dogs! Comes with 3 mini tennis balls (1.6-inch diameter). Use other similar sized balls too! Just try not to get them too dirty or wet - this will affect performance. Please Note: This is the small iFetch automatic ball thrower. The iFetch Too is the larger automatic ball launcher.
  • PHYSICAL & MENTAL: Running and fetching? Perfect. Learning to initiate fetch on their own? Priceless. Owner supervision is recommended. Tennis balls that are 1.6Inches in diameter

Hyper Pet Ball Launcher

The hyper pet ball launcher is a shooter designed for large dog breeds. Hyper pet ball launcher is patented and has been designed to shoot balls to over 180 feet. The device is resistant to chipping and rust.

Hyper pet launcher comes in handy with four bonus regular-sized tennis balls and does not require any assembling. The launcher is recommended for outdoor use for highly energetic dogs. Just like Chuckit, dog owners do not have to strain to pick up slobber balls. Hyper pet launcher eliminates shoulder strain giving pet parents more time to have fun with their dogs.


  • Long-range launcher
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to transport
  • It comes with the hands-free pick-up option


  • Quite expensive
  • Bulky to carry

Hyper Pet K9 Kannon Ball Launcher

The Hyper Pet K9 Kannon Ball Launcher is an updated version of the hyper pet 1. Owners can use the launcher for small, medium, and large dog breeds. Hyper Pet K9 Kannon Ball Launcher is manual and comes with two balls. The device also can store extra balls.

Hyper Pet K9 Kannon Ball Launcher is easy to use. One needs to pull back the handle, load the playing ball and eventually pull the trigger when ready. The launcher can load balls from the ground, meaning owners need not interact with the slobbering balls.


  • Loading, shooting, and relaunching is easy
  • Additional space for extra balls
  • Up to 70 feet shooting distance
  • Suitable for all breeds
  • The shooting range is adjustable


  • Launcher is cumbersome
  • Trigger may fail
  • Balls are not durable

Franklin Pet Supply Tennis Ball Launcher

Franklin Tennis Ball Launcher

The Franklin pet supply ball launcher is an automatic launcher for dogs considered aggressive. The tennis balls are usually twelve by fourteen inches. Franklin pet supply launcher offers a range of shooting angles from low, medium, and high.

The launcher comes with a power adaptor with the option of using batteries. Franklin tennis ball launcher comes with a safety sound feature. The alert triggers the dog to get prepared for the ball launch. Also, the sound can be turned off to reduce disturbance when playing with the dog around your friends.

The device comes fully assembled and ready to use. Dog owners can use any standard-sized tennis ball when launching.


  • Battery is rechargeable
  • Sound safety can be switched off
  • Suitable for large, aggressive dogs
  • Adjustable angle feature


  • Battery life is short
  • It comes with a single ball
  • Batteries not included in the package

Franklin Pet Supply Tennis Ball Launcher for Dogs - Dog Ball + Tennis Ball Thrower for Fetch - Perfect Toy for Large + Small Dogs
1,162 Reviews
Franklin Pet Supply Tennis Ball Launcher for Dogs - Dog Ball + Tennis Ball Thrower for Fetch - Perfect Toy for Large + Small Dogs
  • FETCH MADE FUN: You and your dog will love the thrill and fun of playing fetch with Franklin Pet Supply’s Dog Fetch Toy! Easily launch tennis balls without hurting your shoulder.
  • KEEPS DOGS ACTIVE: Active play encourages your dog to exercise, and there’s no better way to play than playing fetch. Dogs love to run and chase, and this activity is sure to keep them engaged at any age!

All for Paws Interactive Automatic Ball Launcher

AFP Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

The all-for-paws interactive automatic ball launcher is among the most interactive toys globally. All for paws launcher measures eight by ten inches. The ball launcher can be adjusted to throw the ball for three, six, or nine meters. Pet parents can use it for energetic and old dogs.

All for paws launcher comes with a power adaptor and can use batteries. The launcher can be used both outdoors and indoors and comes with a remote. Dogs can be trained to use the launcher by themselves.
The dog has to place the ball on the hooper for an automatic throw to fetch the ball again. Dog trainers advise using treats when training dogs to use the launcher. All for paws launcher is easy to carry to packs because its batteries are rechargeable.


  • Batteries are rechargeable
  • Remote controlled


  • The manual switch is tiny small

AFP Automatic Dog Ball Launcher Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs Interactive Puppy Pet Ball Indoor Thrower Machine Fetch Machine for Small and Medium Size Dogs, 3 Balls Included (2 inch)
  • Stimulate Dogs Mind: automatic ball launcher challenging them to learn something new. Plays fetch with your dog, interactive features aid in training.
  • Adjustable Distance Setting: make it throw 10ft, 20ft or 30ft. Great training tool for both older dogs and as a way to tire out energetic puppies.

GoDoGGo Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

GoDogGo Dog Ball Launcher Fetch Machine

The GoDoGGo automatic dog ball launcher has been in the market for over two decades. GoDogGo machine is on its fourth generation, commonly called the G4. There is a fetch machine for the large and small dog breeds.
GoDoGGo can support multiple ball sizes at once. The device is uniquely designed to allow for the loading of several balls in its bucket. Dog owners have the advantage of firing the balls at various time intervals. GoDoGGo launcher comes with remote control.

The launcher has a safety feature of shooting balls up into the air rather than the forward direction. GoDoGGo comes with an AC adapter and can be powered by 6 D batteries. The launch distance ranges from 10 to 40 feet.


  • Six-months warranty
  • Five bonus balls
  • Stores numerous balls at a time


  • Not for indoor use
  • The battery is not rechargeable

GoDogGo Fetch Machine Dog Ball Launcher & Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs (Tennis Ball Launcher for Dogs uses Tennis Balls for Dogs) Ball Launcher for Dogs that Love Fetch
  • FEATURES: (i) Includes 5 GoDogGo dog tennis balls, remote control, rechargeable lithium batteries & AC Adapter. (ii) Wide-mouth ergo bucket with handles makes ball return for your pet easy. (iii) Remote control can be used up to 50 feet from the unit.
  • MEASUREMENTS & WARRANTY (i) 13.8" D x 12.6 " W x 16.7 " H & 8.6 pounds, compact & lightweight for travel. (ii) Holds 17 tennis balls for dogs (2.5") & 23 small (1.5") dog tennis balls. Will not work with 3" or larger balls. (iii) 6 Month Limited Warranty.


While there are a lot of great options when it comes to the best dog ball launchers, the nerf dog tennis ball blaster is our recommendation. It offers a good range, it’s easy to use, and it’s simply fun to use.