There’s a reason why dogs are people’s best friends. They’re loyal, loving, adorable, and can quickly become a member of a family.

Dogs can also teach us how to maintain unconditional love for others. Though there are many beautiful breeds for families, some are better suited for different types of people. Each one would make a great family pet with the correct dog training and attention.

Here is a list of seven of the best dog breeds for families.

Labrador Retriever

Best Dog Breeds for Families, Labrador Retriever

A medium to a large-sized dog, Labrador Retrievers are outgoing, friendly, and affectionate. They usually have a chocolate, yellow, or black coat. With a broad head and glimmering eyes, these dogs are playful and loving. A significant aspect of these dogs is their willingness to bond with the whole family. They also socialize well with humans and other dogs alike.

Labrador retrievers are natural athletes and require a lot of exercise. Great activities to do with a lab are fetching, swimming, walking, and running. Due to their kind nature, labs are often assistants for blind and autistic people. They are also smart and perform detection and screening work for law enforcement agencies.

These dogs love to please humans and are dependable, loving, protective, and playful. If you enjoy teaching tricks to dogs, labs may a good fit for you. They love to show off and even present tricks that you never taught them. All of these things are why a labrador retriever makes a great family pet.


Beagle Family Dog

If you have young children, this breed may be a fitting choice. Small children tend to adjust to smaller breeds like the beagle easier. Beagles are even-tempered, determined, and smart creatures. They also gentle and loving, making them a great family pet. Making them look even more adorable are their short legs and long floppy ears. Beagles are born with powerful sniffers and are always smelling things.

If you’re interested in buying a beagle, there’s something that you should know. Beagles are highly extroverted and require almost constant attention. High-energy families that are frequently in the house prove to be the best beagle owners. These dogs want to play all the time, so make sure you have plenty of things for them to fetch and chew on.


A mutt for a family dog

Mixed breeds can be a great choice to rescue from animal shelters. Head down to the local shelter and search for a dog that will fit your family. One thing to consider is the dog’s energy level. Your family will enjoy a dog that has a similar vibe and energy level. Also, mid-size to larger dogs are often a better fit for a family rather than smaller dogs. Families with children should stray away from Yorkies or Chihuahuas, or anything you quickly pick up.

Rule of thumb: If you feel that accidentally stepping on it will cause severe damage, the dog probably isn’t durable enough for kids. Mutts can also exhibit the health benefits of both breeds. If your family doesn’t have the funds for an expensive breed, Mutt’s can be great. You could use the extra money for dog toys or even a vacation with your new furry friend.

Border Terrier

Border Terrier Family Dog

Some smaller dog breeds tend to be grumpy or snappy. Border Terriers don’t fit these criteria. They are a loving breed that thrives in families with children. Though they’re introverted, Border Terriers often get along well with children and provide lots of entertainment. Once you adopt this dog, you’re stuck with it. They are very loyal and will be by you and your family’s side.

It’s important to know that, since they are introverted, they might not enjoy other dogs’ company. So, if you’re planning on adopting several dogs, the Border Terrier might not be the best pick for you. Other animals, like cats and rodents, also apply. They are unlikely to damage other pets, but they can cause these pets lots of stress. A loving and lively dog, the Border Terrier, can be a great addition to your household.


Best Dog Breeds for Families, Collie

In one word: Lassie. Collies are herding dogs. Though their thick coats require lots of maintenance, they will love and herd your children. One of the primary goals of a collie is to make a human happy. These dogs are extremely alert to surroundings and could direct your attention to a serious situation like a fire or intruder. A highly-intelligent breed, Collies, are easily trainable, and you can have lots of fun getting them to do tricks. Just like Beagles, Collies enjoy lots of attention and are great for families that are home often.

This breed also loves mental exercises to keep them stimulated. A great way to engage a Collie’s mind is by letting them solve challenging dog toys. For example, you could hide a treat inside of a toy to make them think about how they’ll remove it. Collies boast a great sense of smell, so they will, for sure, know there’s a prize inside.


Cockapoo Family Dog Breed

Yielding a fluffy coat, Cockapoos are soft and children-friendly critters. As the name implies, this breed is a mix of Poodle and Cocker Spaniel. They are good-natured and provide pleasant company. Since they’re relatively small, you can expect them to live for 15 years or longer. They exhibit an extroverted personality that often pleases children.

Cockapoos cherish toys. When buying toys for a Cockapoo, make sure to acquire some rope toys, chew toys, and cuddly toys. Training a cockapoo can be a long process, so if you have a patient family, you may fend well with them.

Golden Retriever

Great Family Dog, Golden Retriever

The final breed on this list is the Golden Retriever, an ideal family pet. The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds because it is an all-around great dog. They are known for their thick, luscious coats that are gold in color. A few of its appealing aspects include short ears, friendly eyes, and a broadhead. Graceful walkers, “goldens” glide gracefully over the ground while they walk and run. Personality-wise, this breed is friendly, easy to train, and intelligent.

Historically known as “gun dogs,” they are often used as service dogs. On top of being excellent for guiding, Golden Retrievers excel in search and rescue operations. They can work through challenging situations and are highly-gentle with people. A standout feature of Golden Retrievers is how well they relate to kids. Upon adopting one, you’ll find that they bond quickly to the whole family. One of the friendliest and most outgoing breeds, a Golden Retriever, won’t disappoint.


These are some of the best dog breeds for families. They are children-friendly and can serve as cute and furry companions. Like humans, all dogs have different personalities, and every breed has various traits. Think about this list and evaluate which dog would best suit your family. If this is your first pet dog, check out our list of helpful tips for new dog owners.

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