Best Leather Dog Collars

Most dog owners have dog collars for their dogs since its essential care equipment. Collars can help you identify your dog if it gets lost. They also help you restrain your dog while you are walking it outside. Leather dog collars are sturdy and fashionable with many functions. They are a helpful dog accessory that is available in various colors, sizes, and brands. The best leather dog collar should be lightweight, comfortable, and durable since your dog might tug the leash a lot. Leather dog collars are fashionable since they contain different colors and patterns. Here is a guide to the ten best leather dog collars.

Buyer’s Guide

With so many dog collars in the market, finding the perfect collar for your dog can be a daunting task. Here are a few things to consider when buying a leather dog collar.


Your dog will be wearing the color for a long time, and it’s crucial you find the right size. If the collar is too tight, it will put a lot of pressure on the trachea and block movement. On the other hand, if the collar is too large, it may slip off the neck and fall. Your dog collar should be of the right size and thickness. If your dog has long fur, you can opt for a collar that is thick and padded.

You can measure the circumference and height of your dog’s neck to ensure the collar will fit comfortably. You can adjust the size of most dog collars by adjusting eyelets, which is essential since dogs can change in size depending on the level of activity, age, and diet. The width of the collar is also a vital consideration.

Design and Style

The dog collar design encompasses various things, including color, engravings, stitching, and spikes. When it comes to design and style, it all depends on your preference. Most leather dog collars are available in the traditional brown or black strap. However, there are various colors and patterns alternatives you can choose from.

The buckles are usually made from brass or stainless steel. These solid metals should be water and rust-resistant. The buckles also have adjustment holes that enable you to adjust the collar easily. If the holes are riveted, the dog will not be able to tear the collar when it tugs it rigorously.

The design of the collar can have spikes that enhance its style and protect the dog’s neck. Padding on the collar enhances its comfort, especially if you have a sensitive dog. Naturally treated lambskin is usually used for padding since it does not cause allergies.

The collar also has a D-ring where you attach the leash and the tag. You can use two d-rings, one for each or only one that both can use.

Leather dog collars can either be hand-stitched or machine-stitched. You can choose the pattern according to your preference since they are both sturdy. You should also check to ensure the material of the collar is done by natural tanning processes. Artificial tanning can cause allergies to your dog.


You should look for a dog collar that is not allergic to your dog and has good tensile strength. Leather dog collars have a stylish look and do not cause allergies. They are also soft, smooth, and pliable, making them comfortable around the dog’s neck. A good leather dog collar should have concise accessories and rounded corners to avoid pulling the dog’s fur.

9 Best Leather Dog Collars Review

Soft Touch Leather Padded Dog Collar

Soft Touch Collars Leather Padded Dog Collar

This leather padded dog collar is well made and combines quality, durability, and comfort. It has a padded design made from soft skin sheep that enhances your dog’s comfort and protects it from rubbing and irritation. Soft Touch leather dog collar comes with a strong D-ring at the top that you can attach your leash when going outdoors. The buckle and the D-ring are made from solid brass and coated with anti-rust material.

This leather dog collar is made with no harsh dyes or chemicals that can cause allergies and irritation to your dog. It is durable since it is made of full-grain genuine leather that is naturally tanned. The collar is made of high-quality craftsmanship thanks to its hand-made and hand-stitched design. It has four adjustment holes to ensure it fits your dog perfectly. The D-ring is located at the top of the collar for convenience. There is also a smaller in-built ring where you can place the tags and identification next to the buckle.

Soft Touch leather padded dog collar is available in various sizes from small, medium, large and extra-large. This makes it suitable for dogs of any size. It is available in different colors that are fashionable and attractive. Each collar has two color tones, with the neutral color in the interior and the main color on the exterior.


  • Premium and stylish design
  • Superior quality and workmanship
  • Available in different colors and design
  • Sealed edges for durability
  • D-ring for convenient attachment
  • Comfortable padded interior
  • Four adjustable holes
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Waterproof and rust-resistant


  • Expensive
  • Color tends to fade
  • Not ideal for hot climates
Soft Touch Collars Padded Leather Dog Collar, Large Brown, Real Genuine Leather , 24' Long x 1.5 Wide , Fits Neck Size 18' to 21' Inches
5,173 Reviews
Soft Touch Collars Padded Leather Dog Collar, Large Brown, Real Genuine Leather , 24" Long x 1.5 Wide , Fits Neck Size 18" to 21" Inches
  • FITS DOG NECK SIZE 18 to 21 INCHES - Width is 1.5 inches - Total Length of Collar is 24 inches - (Please measure your dogs neck size before ordering.) LOOKS GREAT WITH OUR MATCHING PADDED DOG LEASH - SEE BELOW -
  • NEED A PLACE FOR DOG TAGS? No problem, we have you covered with a built in small ring next to the buckle.

Perri’s Collar

Perri's Padded Leather Dog Collars

Perri’s leather collar is the best-padded collar that is guaranteed to keep your dog comfortable. This Amish-crafted collar is made using genuine soft lambskin leather. It has a strong D-ring that allows you to attach a leash and identification tags. Perri’s leather collar is soft, durable, and is rust-resistant. The buckle and D-ring are made of stainless steel or brass. This also ensures that it does not cause any allergies or irritation to your dog’s skin.

The collar has perforated holes so that you can adjust the right fit for your dog. It also has a quality finishing with sealed edges to avoid water damage. Perri’s leather is available in various colors and sizes. This collar is made in the US using the highest level of level craftsmanship that adds character to the collar.


  • Padded lining for comfort
  • Stylish with over 30 colors to choose from
  • Sealed edges for durability
  • Durable buckle and D-ring
  • High-quality leather
  • Features an in-built ring to hold the collar end
  • Stainless steel hardware


  • Poor sizing
  • Heavy
Perri's Padded Leather Dog Collar, Black/Black, Medium1' x 21' - fitting dogs with 12 - 16' necks
1,179 Reviews
Perri's Padded Leather Dog Collar, Black/Black, Medium1" x 21" - fitting dogs with 12 - 16" necks
  • Black collar has stainless steel hardware, Brown collar has solid brass hardware
  • Very soft lambskin padding

Daihaqiko Leather Dog Collar

DAIHAQIKO Dog Collar Genuine Leather

Daihaqiko Leather dog collar is made using high-quality materials consisting of genuine full-grain leather. It also features rust-resistant metal alloy D-rings and buckle, making it durable. The D-rings enable you to attach your leash and identification and tags. The collar is available in four styles, including two color choices, either black or brown. You can also choose either double or single stitching.

Daihaqiko Leather dog collar comes in different sizes and is ideal for medium and large dogs. The sizes offer 17 to 27 inches of adjustable neck length. This collar can serve you well between three to six years. It is best for multiple occasions, including training, walking, and outdoor sports. It comes with a 60-day warranty period and a hand-made gift box with a new belt.


  • 100% genuine leather
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Durable metal hardware
  • Double D-rings for convenience
  • Matching leather leashes
  • Beautiful, soft, and fashionable
  • Metal alloy rust-resistant hardware


  • May produce a chemical odor
  • Not ideal for small dogs
  • May snap when pulled by powerful dogs
DAIHAQIKO Dog Collar, Genuine Leather Dog Collar, Heavy Duty Dog Collar, Wide Dog Collar for Small Dog, Medium Dog, Large Dog and Extra Large Dog (XL: 1.4' Wide for 20'-27' Neck, Brown)
3,543 Reviews
DAIHAQIKO Dog Collar, Genuine Leather Dog Collar, Heavy Duty Dog Collar, Wide Dog Collar for Small Dog, Medium Dog, Large Dog and Extra Large Dog (XL: 1.4" Wide for 20"-27" Neck, Brown)
  • 【100% genuine leather】Leather dog collar is made of top layer cowhide, soft, flexible, and durable, which will not harm your dog's skin, and is comfortable to wear for a long time. Heavy duty 350lb pull power large dog collar, typically 3-5 years of use.
  • 【Full size for choice】Small Dog Collar (S) : width 0.8", 13.3"-15.5" neck size; Medium Dog Collar (M):width 1", 16"-20" neck size; Large Dog Collar(L) : width 1.2", 17"-23" neck size; Extra Large Dog Collar(XL) : width 1.4", 20"-27" neck size, please measure your pet's neck before ordering.

Logical Leather Padded Dog Collar

Logical Leather Dog Collar-Full Grain Heavy Duty Genuine Leather Collars

Logical Leather Padded dog collar is made using genuine full-grain leather. It is softly padded with sheepskin inner lining to enhance comfort and beauty. This also prevents skin irritation for sensitive dogs. It features sturdy stitches, sealed edges, and superb finishing that makes it durable. Logical Leather Padded dog collar has strong and heavy-duty D-rings, which gives you confidence that they will hold the leash and identity details.

This padded leather dog collar is available in eleven colors, and you can choose one that meets your preference. It is easy to clean and take care of, and it’s water-resistant. The perforated holes allow you easily adjust the collar since they are a few inches apart. The collars are available in different sizes and can fit neck sizes ranging from 9 to 27 inches.


  • Genuine full-grain padded inner lining
  • Comfortable, beautiful, and durable
  • Requires minimal care
  • Heavy-duty premium hardware
  • Riveted strap ends
  • Rugged construction
  • Available in eleven colors
  • Handcrafted quality
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Presence of chemical odor
  • Not ideal for small breeds
Logical Leather Padded Dog Collar - Best Full Grain Heavy Duty Genuine Leather Collar - Red - Medium
  • ✅ GENUINE FULL GRAIN PADDED LEATHER COLLARS - Thick, durable outer full grain leather stitched to soft padded split leather lining. Won't fray or collect hair like nylon collars. 22" Long, 1 1/4" Wide and 3/8" Thick.
  • ✅ BEAUTIFUL, COMFORTABLE AND DURABLE - Designer quality made in North America. Your pet will look great while walking, training, and relaxing in this comfy collar.

Mighty Paw Leather Collar

Mighty Paw Leather Dog Collar, Super Soft Distressed Leather- Premium Quality

Mighty Paw Leather dog collar is made from genuine leather, which enhances its style and comfort. It features a soft and smooth surface stainless steel chain that is durable and rust-resistant. The chain has a round ring where you can attach your leash. It is heavy-duty and adjustable so that it can fit your dog perfectly.

Mighty Paw Leather dog collar is recommended for training dogs due to its comfort. It is also safe and does not irritate your dog’s coat. The collar is available in various fashionable colors that will go well with your canine. Additionally, it is easy to care for and has strong finishing stitches.


  • Made from premium quality leather
  • Super soft leather
  • Durable and high-quality hardware
  • Ideal for training dogs
  • Available in different sizes
  • Classic and stylish design


  • Shot end piece
  • Issues with durability
Mighty Paw Leather Dog Collar | Distressed Real Genuine Leather and a Strong Metal Buckle. Super Soft for Ultimate Comfort. Modern Designer Look for Small, Medium, Large and XL Pets (Brown)
  • At Mighty Paw, we believe that going for a walk or hike with your dog is one of life’s greatest pleasures. We are a proud family owned and operated business based out of Rochester, New York. The Mighty Paw brand was created by dog lovers for dog lovers.
  • Premium Quality Leather: 100% genuine leather. The Mighty Paw Leather Collar is made from all-natural cowhide with durable alloy hardware that is sure to withstand the stress from the most playful dogs.

Aolove Basic Padded Leather Pet Collar

Aolove Collars for Cats Puppy Small Medium Dogs

Aolove Basic Padded Leather Pet Collar is ideal for small and medium-sized dogs with neck sizes of 29 -38 cm. it features five holes for adjustment and allows you to get the right fit for your dog. It also comes with a strong D-ring where you can attach identification and leash. This collar is made using high-quality leather materials, enhancing its durability. Its long-lasting and can withstand wear and tear.

Aolove Basic Padded Leather Pet Collar features heavy-duty hardware that is coated, making it rust-resistant. It has sturdy and durable stitching with good finishing. The collar is flexible, which protects your dog from injury when pulling. It is available in various colors and sizes.


  • Heavy-duty durable hardware
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Sturdy and durable stitching
  • Five adjustment holes for convenience
  • Easy to care for and maintain


  • Not ideal for huge dogs
  • Can cause irritation to sensitive skin
Aolove Basic Classic Padded Leather Pet Collars for Cats Puppy Small Medium Dogs (Pink, Medium)
5,075 Reviews
Aolove Basic Classic Padded Leather Pet Collars for Cats Puppy Small Medium Dogs (Pink, Medium)
  • PLEASE CHECK THE PET'S EXACT NECK SIZE BEFORE YOU CONFIRM ORDER / Medium size: 0.8"*16.5"(2.0cm*42cm), Neck 11.5-15"(29-38cm)
  • Material: Leather + Alloy

CollarDirect Leather Dog Collar

Handmade Genuine Leather Collar for Dog Small Large

CollarDirect Leather Dog Collars are sturdy and beautiful and look very fashionable on your dog. They feature great innovation and excellent qualities. They are comfortable and do not cause irritation to dogs with sensitive skin. The collars are made using soft and smooth leather with padded interiors for enhanced comfort.

CollarDirect Leather Dog Collars have a good finishing and hold their design even after an extended period of use. They are available in different sizes and colors. The buckle and D-rings of the collars are coated and durable to avoid rust and corrosion. They are lightweight and have five holes for proper fitting.


  • Available in 10 colors
  • Suitable for dogs with long fur
  • Features soft and durable leather
  • Durable hardware
  • Available in different sizes


  • Varying sizes
CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar, Soft Padded Round Puppy Collar, Handmade Genuine Leather Collar Dog Small Large Cat Collars 13 Colors (14-16 Inch, Yellow Textured)
  • SOFT ON LONG HAIR: Our lightweight, rolled thin dog collar is made from 100% genuine soft leather. A rolled leather dog collar helps with matting and tangling of all breeds, and leather dog collars are the standard groomer recommendation for breeds with long hair.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL BREEDS: Our dog collars for small dogs and big dogs come in a variety of sizes. Please check out our size chart before purchasing a leather collar for dogs. The dog collar leather is 0.6 inches wide, 19 inches long, and neck sizes of 15 - 18 inches.

Berry Pet Collar

Sharp Spiked Studded Dog Collar

Berry Pet Collar features spikes that give your dog extra protection. It has heavy-duty D-rings to attach your leash. This collar is made using PU leather which makes it very durable and tear-resistant. The buckle consists of a strong metal while another metal ring holds the collar end. Berry Pet Collar has five holes for you to adjust the right fit. It is available in various colors and is easy to maintain.


  • Easy to maintain
  • High-quality materials including PU leather
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Heavy-duty D-rings
  • Available in different colors


  • Spikes may fall off
  • Heavy
Berry Pet Sharp Spiked Studded Dog Collar - Stylish Leather Dog Collars - 2 Inch in Width Fit for Medium & Large Dogs - Such as Pitbull Mastiff - Black Rivets & Red Leather,15-18"
  • THICK & SOFT PU LEATHER ADVANTAGE - As you know, it's hard to hold a macho badass dog.Always the leather is ripped when you walking or training with them. This soft thick PU leather will get you out of the misgivings
  • DOG NECK DEFENDER BY SHARP RIVETS - The most bothersome situation is your pet get out of your control and attacked by others. The sharp spikes will make he or she get all jacked up before you can do anything.


Vcalabashor leather dog collar features a free stainless steel nameplate where you can have your dog’s name engraved. The collar has a stylish design and lies gently against your dog’s coat. It is made using genuine leather with padded interiors for comfort. The buckle is durable and has five holes for easy adjustments. The D-ring is heavy duty and allows for attachment of the leash. This collar is available in different sizes and colors.


  • Available in eight colors
  • Easy to maintain
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel hardware
  • Soft padded interior
  • Braided design
  • Anti-rip eyelets


  • Eyelets are at the end of the belt

Warner Sporting Leather Dog Collar

Warner Cumberland Leather Dog Collar

Warner Sporting Leather Dog Collar is made using quality and durable leather. The buckle and hardware are coated in silver, making them rust-resistant. It features an engraved brass ID tag for identification details. The perforated holes are an inch apart, allowing you to make easy adjustments. The collar is available in five different sizes and different colors as well.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Made from durable leather
  • Durable D-ring for attaching a leash


  • Poor quality
Warner Brand Cumberland Leather Dog Collar Free Engraved Brass ID tag (21" Fits 15-19" Neck, Rich Brown) USA
  • 1" wide collar designed for medium to large dogs (at least a 35 lb dog and larger) *If your dogs neck is less then 15" this is not the collar for your dog.*
  • Made in USA * Leather * Nickel Plated Hardware (Buckle, D-Ring


Soft Touch Collars Leather collar is the top pick dog leather collar as it stands out in terms of comfort, durability, and ease of use. It is also available in different colors and sizes. Regardless of which brand you buy, ensure you take good care of the collar for it to last long.