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Is a Pet Bird Right for Me?

Pets make sense to have in your life. Owning a pet makes you happier and live longer. However, choosing the right kind of pet is also a big decision. Many homes just go for a cat or a dog, but what about birds? Is a pet bird right for you, [...]

How to Set Up a Leopard Gecko Habitat

Are you planning to add a leopard gecko to your household? If so, you naturally want to create a comfortable habitat for your pet. Gathering the right supplies and carefully setting up the habitat will help to make your pet feel at home! Discover some tips on how to set [...]

How to Train a Parakeet

If you are an avid fan of birds, there's a pretty good chance that you have a bird as a pet. The most common bird pet is the humble but brightly colored budgerigar, or parakeet. Often referred to as "budgies," these pretty little birds are tinier cousins of the rainbow [...]

How to Clean a Fish Tank

New aquarists may be daunted by the task of cleaning their aquarium, however, it is not as difficult as they may think! In fact, most new aquarists are prone to over-clean their aquarium. To learn how to clean an aquarium properly, follow the steps and tips in this article. Tips [...]

Pet Bird Care Guide

Whether you’re welcoming a parakeet into your home because your kids really wanted one, or you’ve been lusting after a colorful parrot because you've always wanted a pet bird that can talk, expect to be entertained by the bird you adopt the moment that cage crosses your threshold. These winged [...]

How to Set Up a Fish Tank

Anyone who has owned a fish knows that the fish tank can be the most challenging part of ownership. Between choosing the right tank, setting it up to perfection, and keeping it clean, it can be a daunting task even for the most experienced fish owner. That's why we've set [...]

Best Pet Turtles for Beginners

Whether you're looking to choose a turtle for an indoor aquarium or an outdoor pond, pet turtles are cute, fascinating to watch, and, when properly cared for, can provide gentle companionship for dozens of years. However, keeping turtles can be more difficult than many people expect, so beginner turtle keepers [...]

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