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Can you have a pet bird with cats?

Can you have a pet bird with cats in your home? If you do things right, then you certainly can. Both kinds of pets bring different benefits to your life, so find out what steps you must take to balance having these two animals around each other. YouTube Isn't Reality [...]

What Do You Feed Pet Birds?

Feeding your pet birds the right foods is incredibly essential for their health. The key is to use a balanced diet from suitable bird nutrition recommendations. As a bird pet lover, it is critical to balance your pet’s diet from the beginning to avoid many health and behavior issues. That's [...]

What does a pet turtle eat?

Turtles make great pets for every type of family. They are fascinating to watch as they swim through the water, but you can still take them out of their enclosures to touch and play. Keeping a pet turtle can come with its challenges, such as providing the right kinds of [...]

How Long do Pet Birds Live?

Birds make terrific pets and companions. They are colorful creatures, both physically and in behavior. Birds can be very entertaining. The most common birds that are kept as pets indoors are tropical species of parrots and parakeets. These are also referred to as hookbills because of their uniquely hook-shaped beaks [...]

How to Take Care of a Pet Turtle

You had long wanted a pet turtle, and today when you went to the pet store, you could not resist the urge any longer. Now you need to know how to take care of a pet turtle to ensure it stays healthy and lives a long time. But how? Preparing [...]

6 Best Pet Birds for Beginners

Birds are one of the most beautiful creatures you can find in nature. Birdwatching is the act of mindfully looking at birds in their natural habitat to collect data and new perspectives. So it is no secret that people are not only watching birds in their habitat; people are also [...]

How Long Do Pet Turtles Live?

How long do pet turtles live? This is a great question to ask. When looking at getting a new pet, it's important to know exactly how long you'll be taking on the responsibility. Understanding the average age of your pet enables you to better provide long-term care for them. The [...]

Is a Pet Bird Right for Me?

Pets make sense to have in your life. Owning a pet makes you happier and live longer. However, choosing the right kind of pet is also a big decision. Many homes just go for a cat or a dog, but what about birds? Is a pet bird right for you, [...]

How to Set Up a Leopard Gecko Habitat

Are you planning to add a leopard gecko to your household? If so, you naturally want to create a comfortable habitat for your pet. Gathering the right supplies and carefully setting up the habitat will help to make your pet feel at home! Discover some tips on how to set [...]

How to Train a Parakeet

If you are an avid fan of birds, there's a pretty good chance that you have a bird as a pet. The most common bird pet is the humble but brightly colored budgerigar, or parakeet. Often referred to as "budgies," these pretty little birds are tinier cousins of the rainbow [...]

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